Bell Masonry Inc. was founded in 2017, but the Bell family has been in the masonry business, proudly serving the greater metro Kansas City area, for five generations.

CEO, Matt Bell, fifth-generation mason, was born and raised in Kansas City.

In his late teens and college years, Matt Bell worked for his father’s Kansas City masonry company, Osage Masonry, during the summers, and starting in 2005 he became General Manager — providing estimates for potential projects and assisting in managing day-to-day field operations. Now at Bell Masonry, Matt has retained many of the skilled craftsmen from Osage, who he has known for decades and considers family. It is a tight-knit group with centuries of cumulative masonry experience. As experienced masons become increasingly rare, it is this combined expertise and artistry that differentiates Bell Masonry and guarantees our work is always of the highest quality, whether the project is a new or renovated building, commercial or residential in scope.


Matt Bell
CEO of Bell Masonry, Inc.
(816) 550-6177

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